San Mateo, CA, 30 December 2020 – NKN, a rising network infrastructure and service provider, and ASUSTOR, a NAS specialized branch founded by industry-pioneering ASUS in 2011, today announced their commercial partnership that combines NKN’s best-in-class technology and ASUSTOR’s leading NAS products

Under the agreement, NKN and ASUSTOR are launching a joint solution to provide customers with secure access to all of their personal data and services whenever and wherever they need. 

“We are excited to be partnering with ASUSTOR to provide them with our nConnect, which under a NAS related case, grants a secure connection to your private data and services wherever you’d like to access them. Working with ASUSTOR, we are now providing access to personal data and services, also impacting the importance and convenience of a secure remote access to files and applications to many more people who are concerned about how to bring along their private data with a guaranteed security.” Says Bruce Li, Co-Founder, NKN.

“We have great faith in NKN as our trusted partner. Their fast, secure and affordable nConnect solution was well developed and polished. We look forward to working with NKN and delivering significant value to our clients by combining nConnect with our NAS devices. ” Says Anderson Chiang, senior PM, ASUSTOR Inc.

By virtually connecting NKN’s innovative secure file and service remote access with ASUSTOR’s devoted NAS devices, the collaboration stands for a step-change in the way both businesses address the longing needs of the market. 

Where to find nConnect on ASUSTOR

Click in the following link to download

NKN's nConnect on ASUSTOR App Store
NKN’s nConnect on ASUSTOR App Store

About NKN 

Founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs and engineers with many years of innovating in networking and blockchain technology, NKN has built the largest shared and decentralized  network of up to 30,000 servers globally. NKN offers the indispensable networking infrastructure for Web3.0, by providing server-less communication with the utmost security and privacy. Together, we can build the better Internet of the future.


A specialist in NAS, concentrating on design and integration on NAS related software and hardware. ASUSTOR established in August 2011, with direct investment from ASUS, one of the leading brands in the electronic hardware industry.