Dear NKN token holders, We have successfully completed the vast majority of the NKN token swap from NEP-5 to ERC-20. At the time of this announcement, 95.5% of NKN circulating supply has been swapped. (334,222,240 out of 350,000,000). In addition, the NEP-5 smart contract is now locked preventing any further token transfers or trades. This […]

Dear NKN token owners, it is approaching the final days of NKN token swap from NEP-5 to ERC-20 (Deadline: March 28th, 2019, 23:59 UTC). And it is very important to read on for your own interest. Why? Even though the bulk of circulating NKN tokens have been successfully swapped (over 223 Million out of 350 […]

Connecting the Next Billion Users (NBU), lighting up NKN shared network one country at a time. Rules Run an NKN node in one of the qualifying countries and verify it’s working correctly, e.g. using the community made node manager (requires logging in) or the official testnet explorer Fill in this Google Form ( […]

Binance Info is launching the Gold Label Project! NKN has officially become the 28th project to joined this initiative and received verification from Binance Info. With the Gold Label Project, NKN team aim to provide users with timely team updates, latest technology and product deliverables, exciting business and ecosystem achievements, and easy to understand user […]

Highlights: Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a collaborative telecom community founded by Facebook, together with leading telecom operators, equipment vendors and research institutes. The TIP Summit is the ultimate annual conference to showcase the latest solutions and products. NKN is a Silver Sponsor of the TIP Summit 2018 London. NKN showcases its overall technology vision, […]

Summary: During month-long CryptoBazar Hackathon in September, NKN attracted 157 developers who produced several high quality applications based on the NKN SDK. The top prize winner SpaceCats by Nikolay Perevozchikov’s team is a 3D multiplayer game with amazing audio and video effects, and real-time playability. We would also like to congratulate 2nd place Danil Lykov […]

Blockchain technology has been discussed heatedly over the past several months.The attention of various industries on how to integrate with blockchain has shown an explosive growth trend in 2018. Some scholars believe that it is another disruptive innovation following the 20-year cycle of the mobile Internet outbreak. Blockchain technology will completely reshape human social activities […]