NKN November 2020 Report
– getting ready for the new website launch
– partners with Google and Searce for hybrid SaaS solution
– 1-click full node deployment updated on AWS and Digital Ocean
– nMobile updated to 1.0.3 on iOS and 1.0.2 for Android
– nConnect running final test before releasing on Synology NAS market
– Upcoming: Video AMA with founding team in December 2020

Highlights Final Push for NKN Token Swap from NEP-5 to ERC-20 Launch partner for DigitalOcean Marketplace NKN Launches One-Click on Google Cloud Marketplace First Winners of our NKN South America / Africa Challenge Announced Coin Report by Nik Patel Ranks NKN 8 out of 10 R&D highlights Github source code development progress NKN testnet code […]

NKN is excited to announce the immediate availability of its NKN 1-click Full Node on Google Cloud Marketplace. In addition, NKN has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program. NKN is the only full node blockchain software approved by Google Cloud and officially supported by the project team. https://console.cloud.google.com/marketplace/details/nkn-public/nkn-full-node NKN nodes are the backbone of […]