We are happy to announce that NKN/ETH and NKN/USDT is available on uniswap, one of the star DEX of #DeFi. We have added liquidity to the pool: you are welcome to try it out. $NKN 🔥 #DeFi

Highlights Narwhal: NKN Mainnet Launch with a Big Splash Huobi FastTrack Voting Winner and listing on Huobi global The Daily Chain Interview with NKN Founder, Yanbo Li June Livestream AMA with NKN Core Team Founder and CEO, Yanbo Li visits Seoul Community: Java SDK, NKNx Updates for MainNet Narwhal: NKN Mainnet Launch with a Big Splash […]

We are overjoyed to learn that NKN has won the first place in today’s FastTrack vote and listed on Huobi Global today. Thank you our community members, investors, partners, family and friends who voted for us: we are truly grateful for your support. And thank you Huobi for the opportunity to participate in FastTrack. The […]