Connecting the Next Billion Users (NBU), lighting up NKN shared network one country at a time.


  1. Run an NKN node in one of the qualifying countries and verify it’s working correctly, e.g. using the community made node manager (requires logging in) or the official testnet explorer
  2. Fill in this Google Form ( with the country your node is located in, the IP address of your node, your email address and an Ethereum address you want the reward to be sent to.
  3. Watch your email, in a short time you’ll receive a message containing simple instructions to verify that it is indeed you who is operating the node.
  4. Once we verify that you’re the actual owner of the node and see the node is up and running for 2 weeks, we’ll proceed to reward you with 250 NKN to your Ethereum address.

There are also optional fields of your name and Telegram ID, in order to match with your conversation with us on various social channels.

For more information about running a NKN Node: