Summary: During month-long CryptoBazar Hackathon in September, NKN attracted 157 developers who produced several high quality applications based on the NKN SDK. The top prize winner SpaceCats by Nikolay Perevozchikov’s team is a 3D multiplayer game with amazing audio and video effects, and real-time playability. We would also like to congratulate 2nd place Danil Lykov and 3rd place Boris Koveshnikov, both of which developed different decentralized instant messengers. All these dApps showcase the real-time communication capability of the NKN protocol and our global testnet. Thanks to all the developers who chose NKN’s platform: you make NKN shine!

I. About CryptoBazar Hackathon

CryptoBazar is a top developer platform and one of the largest Telegram communities. The CryptoBazar Hackathon is a half-year non-stop hackathon. 12 counties will host and participate in CryptoBazar Hackathons and over 2000 developers will join the activities. This hackathon includes two sessions. The first session (Sep 2018-Feb 2019) will seek hackers from countries including Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Ukraine. The second session (Mar 2019- Jul 2019) will focus on Asia and America such as China, Korea, India, Israel, Canada and USA.

CryptoBazar hackathon recruitment area

The first semi-finals of Serial Hacking took place in Moscow on September 30th. Organized by the CryptoBazar Fund and supported by QuarkChain, Loopring, NKN, Fantom, Nucypher, Metahash the first series of hackathon gathered crypto enthusiasts and developers to challenge the various aspects of blockchain application in security, data transfer, smart home systems, and more.

272 hackers registered for the hackathon and 157 chose NKN SDK, one of the six sponsoring platforms. The high percentage of participation demonstrates the high level of interest in NKN’s SDK and testnet.

II. Highlights of September Hackathon projects

We have seen many excellent projects coming out of this hackathon. As an example, “SpaceCats” is a 3D real-time action game that supports multiplayer participation. Using NKN’s true peer to peer network layer, SpaceCats is able to record real time multiplayer activity on the blockchain.

SpaceCats game screen side by side with NKN blockchain explorer

SpaceCats implements server-less data transmission through NKN network

After the developers submitted their final projects, Dr. Yilun Zhang, CTO of NKN, led the NKN development team to review each project, communicate with the developers, and propose revisions to make their projects even better. In addition, the NKN team devoted time and resources to improve the NKN protocol and testnet. After several rounds of communications between the NKN team and the lead developer Nikolay Perevozchikov, the following improvements were made:

  1. Added the new feature of multicast packets, which can significantly decrease traffic load on sender side when there are multiple recipients.
  2. Added an option to disable buffering packets when recipient is offline.
  3. Added smart contracts which can send/receive packets. Real-time logic can be hosted on NKN blockchain.
  4. Added subscription API to new blocks and transactions.

If you are interested in experiencing this attractive game, click on the link to download the game and try it for yourself (SpaceCats support Windows & MacOS version today, Android version is planned):

III The top three winners

The following teams won the top three of NKN awards.

№1, Nikolay Perevozchikov’s team: SpaceCats Battle 3D Multiplayer Game

Nikolay Perevozchikov (left most) team, SpaceCats

№2, Danil Lykov’s JIN Messenger: JIN Decentralized Instant Messenger

Danil Lykov, JIN Messenger

№3, Boris Koveshnikov’s NKN Messenger: Decentralized Instant Messenger

Boris Koveshnikov, NKN Messenger

IV. Conclusion

As a technology focused project, NKN sponsors high quality hackathons that can provide a unique bridge and bond between NKN team and developers.

  • NKN team can learn from the developer’s creativity, better understand dApp development requirements, and further improve NKN SDK to make it more developer-friendly.
  • dApps from hackathons can stress test NKN’s core protocol and testnet, thus enables NKN team to improve both real-time performance and scalability.
  • Developers can learn and build application on top of NKN technology in a short period of time with our core team supporting them i, and experience the state of art in decentralized infrastructure that NKN enables.
  • These hackathons can match the best projects with the best developers, both in terms of interest and competence. We are looking forward to have more enthusiastic developers join our global team, both full-time or part-time.

In addition, these hackathon created some really amazing games and applications that everyday users can use and enjoy. Please try them out and have fun!

About NKN

NKN is a new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. By blockchainizing the network layer, NKN is providing the missing third pillar of internet infrastructure. Just as Ethereum has done for compute and Filecoin for storage, NKN will decentralize network connectivity and transmission.

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