Ignite the engine for intergalactic connectivity

With the launch of NKN 2.0 in July 2020, we have successfully completed our existing roadmaps since we began our journey in early 2018. NKN’s technology foundation, the world’s largest mainnet, our business model and commercial traction all attest to our commitment to on time delivery with highest quality.

But our journey has just begun. Today we are happy to announce the updated NKN roadmap beyond 2020, in both technology and commercial tracks. Our ultimate goal for NKN is to become the secure and indispensable intergalactic connectivity platform, so it is time to ignite the engines!


  • Mainnet integration with exchanges and hardware wallet
  • Fast block synchronization
  • More client and wallet SDK supporting different programming languages
  • Remove limitation on fixed ports and single IP address per node
  • Support IPv6


  • Pursue the addition of new crypto exchanges for NKN token holders around the world
  • Accelerate token circulation by growing substantial business for dataRide and nCDN 
  • Forge new partnerships for intergalactical communication infrastructure
  • Expand nMobile, the extra secure server-less and trusted chat, to mainstream
  • Sponsor development community for significant applications utilizing NKN ecosystem

Community co-pilots

Our community, our users, holders, and developers, are our co-pilots. We welcome you to submit a New Kind of Proposals (NKP) that will guide our future technology and commercial successes!



The roadmap items are sorted by decreasing priority instead of time. And there is no dependency in terms of which roadmap item will be completed first. Any roadmap items are subject to change, due to unforeseen circumstances, community feedback, changing market conditions, and customer requirements.