On June 12, 2018, Dr. Yilun Zhang, CTO of NKN Labs, announced the opensource of NKN core, 20 days ahead of schedule at the CPC CryptoDevCon at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

What is NKN open source?

NKN open source means that all the source code of the software is open, a programmer who understands the code, can get all the source code of NKN, and read the logic of it, compile to run it. The software can also be modified re-compiled for a new software.

Why is NKN open source important?

Since the core software of NKN is open source, it means that this software has no secret. The internal logic is crystal clear. Everyone can audit whether it has loopholes, or whether there is a Trojan horse, or the back door. This is to show that this software is not controlled. And the subsequent software/source code evolution and upgrade is also clear to everyone. The purpose of doing so is an essential aspect of NKN as a public blockchain, which is helpful for the community to use NKN in this open and transparent environment and jointly build and own NKN ecosystem.

Open source is a manifestation of the NKN team’s self-confidence in technology and in community building.

See our CTO Yilun’s talk here.

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