Regarding Binance Community Coin of the Month #8

Today at 2018–07–29 17:00:00 US Pacific time, the voting for Binance Community Coin of the Month round 8 is concluded. NKN received 595814 votes (28.74%) out of 2406 voters, and is #2 in terms of total votes and #2 in terms of total voters.

NKN is honored to be one of the 5 top quality projects competing in this round, Thank you Binance for the opportunity; and thank you LBA, LOC, MITH and POLY projects for running a great campaign. The unprecedentedly high participation from all the project communities is record setting, and proved that the real winner is the blockchain community.

NKN did not win the most votes, but we are confident we won most hearts. Our NKN community has solidarity, respect for the rules and for other contenders, and are extremely well organized. We trust that Binance and other exchanges will recognize and appreciate the size and quality of our community in their evaluation of the NKN project towards listing in the near future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our community members, investors, and supporters. You trusted in us, worked tirelessly, and stood by us against all odds. Let’s keep the momentum strong with this battle hardened community, and achieve everything we aspire to. Now let’s get back to work.

With gratitude,

NKN team