Live Time: Wednesday 23rd November 2022 10 AM US Pacific Time 

Guest speakers: Joao Fiadeiro from Filecoin, Neeraj Muraka from Bluzelle, Qi Zhou from ETHStorage, panel host Bruce Li from NKN 

Guest short bio

João Fiadeiro

João is the Product Lead for Client Growth at Protocol Labs. His team is responsible for driving Filecoin adoption by accelerating data onboarding. He focuses on tool development and process improvements that help large data owners adopt decentralized storage. Prior to Protocol Labs, João was a machine learning PM at Google and Netflix. 

Neeraj Murarka

Neeraj Murarka is a scientist and technology entrepreneur. He is also co-founder and CTO of Bluzelle Networks, a multi-national blockchain company based in Canada and Singapore.

Bluzelle has been operating its own layer 1 blockchain based on Cosmos technology and is specialized in decentralized storage and game-fi technology.

Neeraj’s specializations are in decentralized trustless computer systems, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, network security, and computer systems architecture.

Neeraj is also an active Libertarian, being a member of the Canada and British Columbia Libertarian Parties. Libertarians balance right-wing fiscal conservatism and economic freedoms with left-wing social consciousness and civil liberties.

Qi Zhou

Qi Zhou is the Founder of ETHStorage and QuarkChain, focusing on future Web3 infra. Qi Zhou is the author/co-author of a couple of EIPs including EIP-4804/EIP-4972/EIP-5018. Before being a full-time Web3 builder, Qi Zhou was a senior software engineer at Facebook, Google, and EMC/Dell, with extensive experience in scalability. Qi Zhou received his Ph.D. degree from Georgia Tech.

Topics for discussion:

  1. Architecture and status of the current storage solutions
  2. Problems and challenges of current storage solutions. scalability, availability, costs, security and privacy, portability
  3. Introducing the latest storage solutions (both in general and narrowing down to each project/product
  4. Where are we in the process of heading to the new storage age in Web 3.0
  5. How can new storage solutions be introduced to the general audience? 
  6. Emphasize the uniqueness and difference of each project/product
  7. Perspective from users of storage

Bruce’s additional questions

  1. bluzelle: what are you guys up to, pls give an update
  2. Filecoin: impressive stats about storage capacity, what are the main users of that capacity?
  3. ETHStorage: quick overview of the overall mission and use cases
  4. What can we learn from the Chia network? the demand vs supply
  5. The grandma test: when can my grandma use an app that is using web 3.0 storage without even noticing it?

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