What are the opportunities and challenges of building Web 3.0 applications? How can we enable non-blockchain developers? How can decentralized infrastructure enable a wide range of use cases from wikipedia, home security, PPE exchange, secure chat, AI, all the way to longevity of NFT?

On April 27th 2021, NKN successfully hosted the second Web 3.0 Tech Talk – Apps & Devs. We were joined by CTOs and tech leads from Bluzelle, IoTeX, IPFS, NKN, STORJ, and TAXA. These industry veterans share their experience and insights into these curious questions over a 90 minutes of lively presentation and panel Q&A with the audience.


Opening Introduction – Bruce Li, Cofounder of NKN 

About 7mins

Bruce opens the summit with an intriguing chart from “Why decentralization matters”, and moves onto a quick survey of Web 3.0 consumer apps and how they stack up against Web 2.0 competition.

Bluzelle: the decentralized database – Neeraj Murarka, CTO

About 13mins

Neeraj leads Bluzelle’s most ambitious project to build a world decentralized NoSQL-based database, powered by the Bluzelle token and his metaswarm technology. What are the Bluzelle advantages? And how soon will Web 3.0 apps become mainstream?

IoTeX: Decentralized Infrastructure for an Open Machine Economy – Raullen Chai, Cofounder

About 12mins

Raullen Chai is a Co-founder of IoTeX, a privacy-focused blockchain platform for the Internet of Trusted Things. How can blockchain and smart devices work in harmony, to unleash the power of an open machine economy?

IPFS: powering the decentralized web – Dietrich Ayala, IPFS ecosystem Lead

About 13mins

What are in common between making wikipedia accessible in Myanmar and storing NFT for eternity? Dietrich Ayala leads ecosystem development for IPFS at Protocol Labs, growing adoption of the protocol through developer experience, browser integrations and strategic collaborations. He shares a wide range of fascinating everyday use cases powered by IPFS.

NKN: Web 3.0 examples – Yilun Zhang, CTO

About 15mins

When you have built the world’s largest blockchain network with over 100,000 full nodes, what are you going to use them for? Yilun Zhang is the Co-Founder and CTO of NKN, a blockchain-powered decentralized data transmission network. He shows a few classic examples of how everyday apps like chat and file sharing can be built on decentralized communication infrastructure. But there are a few twists, and developers be aware!  

Storj: Decentralized Cloud Storage – Kevin Leffew, Solution Architect 

About 15mins

What if you can migrate from AWS S3 to a decentralized storage solution, without changing your code, and slash cost by 80%? You are hired! Kevin Leffew is a Partner Manager and Solution Architect at Storj Labs. Kevin guides the customer teams of executives, developers, and DevOps managers to connect their solutions to Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage). 

Taxa: Build Interactive Web3 Services – TF Guo, CEO/Cofounder

About 14mins

Smart contracts are cool, but they cannot do rich consumer applications. What if you can eat the dApp cake and still have the comfy Python tea and wealth of libraries? TF Guo is Co-founder/CEO of Taxa Network, a TEE-enabled, highly developable, middleware infrastructure. Taxa empowers dapps in performance/privacy-centric scenarios, such as AI/machine learning, DeFi, NFT, gaming, healthcare, etc. 

Q & A Panel

 No question from the live audience is too tough for the intrepid panelists!

About 12mins