Recently we’ve received some scam messages who spread out the rumor widely on vote manipulation during Binance community voting period. We encourage all the NKN community members to respect other projects and strictly follow the voting rules. Please do not engage in vote manipulation. For NKN Team, we DO NOT provide any form of financial or monetary incentives, airdrops or competition rewards offered that will influence user votes. If you see any, it is definitely NOT from NKN official account. Please do NOT accept or participate.

币安投票刚开启,我们已经收到关于NKN项目的造谣信息,我们希望所有NKN社区成员尊重其他项目方,并严格遵守币安投票规则。 请不要参与任何投票幕后操纵,NKN团队不提供任何形式的跟本次投票相关的财务或金钱奖励,空投或竞争奖励,并且这将影响最终投票结果。 如果您看到任何和这类相关的奖励,肯定不是来自NKN官方渠道,请不要接受或参与,谢谢配合!