There are some categorically false accusations from the VIDY management team against Binance, NKN, and the voting process for the Binance Community Coin Vote. Here are NKN team’s official statements:

  1. The reasons we believe NKN won overwhelming majority vote are:
  • NKN is a well established project with broad-based and loyal community support harnessed over 22 months, especially in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia. We have not only a large number of active users on Telegram, Twitter, and WeChat, but also a vibrant mining and developer community on Discord.
  • NKN did 10 AMA for Binance and NKN communities during the 36 hours leading to the vote, sending in all core team members, and winning the heart and soul of the Binance community members.
  • NKN has a strong early lead in the vote, and swing voters (who we guess are probably a majority) decided to vote for NKN in order to be part of the winning team. This creates an avalanche effect, thus making the results a landslide.

2. NKN participated in the community vote in an absolutely fair manner. During this vote, NKN has strictly followed not only Binance official rules but also the following self-imposed pledge in our initial announcement dated September 30, 2019:

“We pledge to respect our competitor, Binance community, investors, and all the stakeholders in this vote. We pledge to be positive and constructive, with the objective to make the crypto space bigger, healthier and more prosperous for everyone. We pledge to earn your vote by the high quality of our technology and products, our business potential, our hard work, and our humble yet upbeat spirit.”

3. Our statistical data from Telegram group activity, exit polls, Twitter polls, and Twitter hashtag trending all clearly indicates that NKN has a convincing high margin of winning. For example, Twitter stats clearly show our leadership in the community and correlates to the voting results:

4. We sincerely appreciate the high integrity and professionalism of the Binance team, Binance community and Binance Angels during the entire process, starting from announcement, AMA, and vote. We are fully confident the Binance Community Coin Vote is fair and transparent to everyone in the world.

We are very disappointed in any false accusations made against both Binance and NKN that are baseless and without evidence, and we believe casting such doubts is disrespectful to the good people who have worked hard to make crypto successful in the real world. We kindly and firmly request VIDY management team to retract their false accusations. It is time to move on, and to spend our effort on building products and serving our community.