The NKN Club

NKN now runs a very exciting program for blockchain enthusiasts and community moderators. The aim is to create a communication and technical exchange platform for blockchain technology and NKN project update. If you’re a fan of NKN blockchain technology,and you love exploring and sharing ideas, then you’ll love this!

Here is how it works and limited number

  • We will select some of you from the current NKN main group and the Earlybird group in Telegram who provided help for a healthy community environment, good suggestions for admins, and good question raisers during the AMA meeting in our tier-1 list.
  • We will also consider the candidates who share the good thoughts to NKN projects,have deep understanding of NKN and blockchain technology

What you will have in the club

  • Obtain first hand information of NKN public activities: Monthly report, our marketing & BD activities and community activities
  • Early engagement for NKN development and grow up with NKN together
  • Bring your questions to Dr Diffie into our monthly technical meeting
  • Chance to participate NKN network build on the early phase of both TestNet and MainNet.
  • Online and offline meetups/events/roadshow
  • 1:1 chat chance with NKN core team


NKN Club is open now.

If you would like to be added to join NKN Club, do not hesitate to write up your interest and thoughts to NKN project and email to reserve a place in line.