The power of the NKN network lies not only in its scale (up to 180K) but also in its decentralization. The more miners, the more diversity in our miner community, and  the more geographically distributed our nodes, the more robust and capable is our NKN network. For a more detailed analysis, please refer to the blog post “Why billions of nodes matter”.

NKN Foundation encourages and supports more people to try and run a NKN node. NKN community has extensive tutorials on how to run a node with a few simple clicks on either a home machine or a cloud server.

Currently the node ID generation fee (10 NKN Mainnet token) seems to be a hurdle for newcomers. However the ID generation fee is essential to thwart spammers and attacks.

NKN Foundation intends to sponsor limited amount of wallet ID generation fee (initially at 1000 nodes per month, and subject to change).

Interested parties can apply via community mining solutions such as NKNx and nPool,  or directly to NKN Foundation. You need to submit the NKN wallet address (public key) for your new NKN node, and we require some proof of personhood in order to get approval.

NKN Foundation will not send NKN mainnet tokens directly to your wallet in any event. The 10 NKN Generate ID fee is directly funded to the provided public key for the sole purpose of generating node ID.

Be aware of scammers: NKN foundation will never contact you unsolicited, and will never ask you to send us any secret key, password, or crypto assets.