• NKN public testnet continues to run stably without a glitch for last two weeks
  • NKN collaborated with Blockchain Infrastructure Projects to demonstrate Web3.0 Decentralized Applications
  • NKN is awarded a first round Gold Label on Binance Info
  • NKN is now on Blockfolio Signal
  • NKN is now on Delta Direct
  • NKN is now listed on Bitrue

R&D highlights

Github source code development progress

NKN testnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn repository. In addition, the NKN core development team is spending a large amount of effort in rewriting and improving the consensus algorithms and ledger module. The latter activities are on private branches and thus not reflected in below table.

The latest release: v0.5.3 is stable and a high performance release.

(https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases )

NKN Testnet v0.5.3-alpha

  • Introduce beneficiary wallet address that will receive the mining reward instead of node’s wallet
  • Will try to remove invalid transactions when building new block
  • Code refinement
  • Fixed several bugs

NKN collaborated with Blockchain Infrastructure Projects to demonstrate Web3.0 Decentralized Applications

During the week of November 26th, NKN had the unique opportunity to host the CTOs and core developers from 4 decentralized infrastructure projects including NKN, Bluzelle, Portal Network, and Noia Network as part of a workshop at NKN’s offices in San Mateo. The purpose of the workshop was to challenge the teams in collaborating to develop a modern Web 3.0 application entirely using a decentralized protocol stack based on each companies technology all while using a unified toolkit and SDK. The workshop was a resounding success with the development of d-Chat, a fully decentralized instant messaging app.

d-Chat, uses decentralized services including NKN for P2P networking, Bluzelle for decentralized data store, Portal Network for name service and development SDK, and Noia Network decentralized CDN. The entire project was built using a unified SDK based on Portal Network’s Kaizen that offers an easy way for developers to create decentralized applications. Kaizen offers developers the ability to choose the services they need for their project and provides a template to build their application. Developers no longer have to worry about dealing with several disjointed decentralized infrastructure services,tools and SDKs, and instead focus on great application logic and UI.

All 4 companies also jointly organized 3 different events throughout the week to share more about Decentralized Web3.0 Applications with the community. This included a Lunch and Learn talk at GSV Labs in San Mateo, CA as well as meetups at One-Piece in Palo Alto, CA and Starfish Mission in San Francisco, CA.

Links to these events are provided below:

NKN is awarded a first round Gold Label for Binance Info

NKN has officially become the 28th project to achieve the gold label from Binance Info. Binance Info is an open information platform allowing users to contribute and maintain the latest information on crypto projects. Through Binance Info, NKN will be able to share timely team updates, latest technology and product deliverables, exciting business and ecosystem achievements, and easy to understand user guides and more.



NKN is now on Blockfolio Signal

On November 23rd, NKN was added to Blockfolio Signal, Blockfolio’s communication app for cryptocurrency news and information. The application seeks to solve the problem of misinformation in the crypto world by providing timely news direct from the source. Download the app on your favorite device and add NKN in Blockfolio to receive updates from the team.


NKN is now on Delta Direct

NKN went live on the Delta Direct’s crypto communication platform on November 24th. Delta Direct gives token projects like NKN a direct communication link to users and investors. Users can download the app available on iOS and Android, and subscribe to NKN and get instant updates regarding recent posts as well as direct messages from the team.


NKN is now listed on Bitrue

On November 27th, NKN was listed on Bitrue, a new digital asset exchange growing fast in Asian markets such as Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and rest of Southeast Asia. Bitrue offers a secure and scalable exchange that is built by an experienced team and truly organic trading volume. Two trading pair of NKN/ETH and NKN/BTC are currently provisioned. You can find more details on their official website: https://www.bitrue.com/activity/nknlist


Upcoming events

Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

NKN was chosen as one of the 6 finalists out of over 300 applications in the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2018 and will be participating in the awards ceremony on December 6th in Murray Hill, NJ. The Challenge seeks to find new innovative products and solutions with a potential to work with Nokia to create joint solutions.

About NKN

NKN is a new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. By blockchainizing the network layer, NKN is providing the missing third pillar of internet infrastructure. Just as Ethereum has done for compute and Filecoin for storage, NKN will decentralize network connectivity and transmission.

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