NKN and Datapace, are pleased to announce a joint collaboration to bring Datapace’s data exchange application to NKN’s decentralized, blockchain powered peer to peer network. The partnership will provide integrated solutions and new monetization opportunities in areas such as IoT, 5G, medical, and more.

“We are excited to offer Datapace’s decentralized data marketplace and sensor ecosystem on NKN’s global peer to peer network. “ says Zheng “Bruce” Li, Co-CEO of NKN.org, “NKN’s network connectivity protocol will provide Datapace true peer-to-peer connectivity and extreme scalability for better customer experience.”

“We are moving fast forward, this partnership will enable Datapace to leverage on NKN technology empowering us to improve user experience and extend Datapace scope even more by offering the exciting opportunity for open and decentralized connectivity bandwidth exchange” said Datapace founders George Saleh and Drasko Draskovic.

About NKN:

NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol and ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared internet. NKN is an open source project with community built global data connectivity network and easy to use client SDK for developing future-proof decentralized applications.


About Datapace:

Datapace is a blockchain powered data marketplace with technical and policy-based data verification, and access to the worldwide network of sensors. Datapace, sponsored by Nokia DIA (Digital Innovation Acceleration), is a solution used by Nokia products such as Sensing-as-Service. (https://networks.nokia.com/services/sensing-as-a-service)