“A World Near-at-Hand, A Connection Safe and Sound”


  • An economic platform for network transmission beyond conventional blockchain
  • With over 20,000 full blockchain nodes in more than 40 countries 
  • Offers open ecosystem including a variety of network service Paas and APP
  • Since mainnet 1.0 launch: over 50 active repositories, 1,685 commits, 3,865,675 lines of code added, 3,215,595 lines of code deleted, and hardened by the most stringent security audit


The summer is getting hotter, and here at NKN wonderful stuff is sizzling. With today’s launch of NKN 2.0, we look beyond blockchain technology and set our gaze upon a much larger prize. Our steaming hot prize is Network as a Service, or in plain English, how we can connect all the people and things in the world, quickly and securely.

Communication is truly like air and water, an essential human need that keeps us together as a society during this extraordinary time of pandemics and physical isolation. There is a significant surge of video streaming, video conferencing, and collaborative working, which all rely on fast and secure communication services.

And that is what NKN 2.0 wants to be: an indispensable service for our future communication needs.

Network as a Service

Under the umbrella of Network as a Service, NKN offers two main platform services that are crucial for enterprise and consumers. One is dataRide, a messaging, streaming and file transfer service for people and things; while the other is nCDN for video and rich media content delivery.

We all have an Internet connection already today, so what is so unique about NKN 2.0 and Network as a Service? We can explain in the context of dataRide and nCDN.


dataRide is a decentralized platform service for fast, reliable, secure and low cost messaging, streaming and file transfer service for person to person, machine-human as well as machine-machine communication. An everyday analogy will be taking public transportation versus taxi from home to a restaurant. If you take public transportation (traditional Internet), you might need to transfer between several different bus lines, follow a fixed route defined by the bus companies, and wait between stops. Some buses might be over-crowded and you might miss some connections. In contrast, if you take a taxi (NKN’s dataRide), you have a dedicated car, can flexibly choose the best route to go directly to the restaurant, and get to your destination faster and safer. In both cases, the network of roads is the same but your experience can be vastly different.

It leverages NKN 2.0’s unique meshed network that offers many alternative paths and extra layers of security, which is unseen in any other network. After our initial success with several partners, we have narrowed down to a few vertical domains. They are: secure instant messaging, IoT such as security camera monitoring, remote file access and transfer. They are ready for commercial use and deployment..

To enable world class dataRide service, our tech team has created or significantly enhanced our Domain Name Service, NanoPay – built in payments/rewards, Tuna – free market for NKN platform services, Session mode data streaming, plus added significant relay performance improvements for data traversing our network infrastructure.


nCDN helps streaming video platforms and websites deliver video and rich media content to users quickly and cost effectively. Let’s use an easy and common metaphor of pizza delivery. We’ve come to a world where there’s no need to buy Pizza far away from Italy when we have a crave for those sizzling cheese and crispy crust. Thanks to our well developed franchisees and takeout services, we can order from thousands of pizzerias nearby, which not only saves us from those long and boring waiting times, but also ensures a much lower price with the freshness that we value the most. That is pretty much how nCDN works, in the area of content delivery. The only difference is nCDN offers contents such as videos and files, instead of Pizza and fries. Everyone can benefit from nCDN unconsciously, whether as a product for individuals or as a product for corporate customers.

After NKN’s winning contract with China’s largest video platform iQIYI, we are maturing the nCDN products, refining the performance, and ramping up large scale commercial deployment as quickly as we can. In addition, our sales team is working tirelessly on acquiring more customers, replicating the success, and infusing substantial business revenue into the NKN ecosystem.

NKN 2.0 ecosystem

For NKN miners, all the Network as a Service products will be bundled into a single convenient software package that is 1-click to run, automatically update and recover, runs 24×7, and generates mining rewards even when you are sleeping. And because we have nCDN and dataRide running with real world traffic, you have a greater opportunity for  mining rewards than during NKN 1.0.

Even more importantly, NKN 2.0 aims to infuse significantly more fiat revenue into the NKN ecosystem. NKN will use a good portion of the fiat revenue we generate from nCDN and dataRide commercial contracts, into NKN tokens and other digital assets. We believe this will make the overall pie bigger for all NKN token holders, compared to the more prevalent staking or DeFi approach. We believe every dollar, RMB, euro or JPY coming into the crypto industry, is a win for NKN as well as a win for the entire industry.

Because security is of paramount importance for all participants of the NKN token ecosystem, our tech team has carried out a 6-month thorough security audit with a reputable 3rd party company Chaitin Technologies, implemented secure wallet format v2, and also added many Network/consensus security enhancements.

The NKN team, our community developers and partners are building a few leading applications that run on top of the Network as a Service platform: d-chat and nMobile messaging applications, nftp for secure and fast file transfer, nshell for secure remote access to almost any device, and proxy service. They showcase the ubiquity of NKN’s communication services that can enhance people’s daily life such as chatting with friends and family, participating in group discussions, sending photos, videos and large files to each other.

For more advanced users like developers, they can now securely manage hundreds or even thousands of remote servers by simply “chat” with their machines at their fingertips even while on vacation in Hawaii.

An even bigger vision

Where will NKN 2.0 lead us? We can foresee a future where more and more applications will use NKN’s communication services, and more individual entrepreneurs and companies will join the NKN ecosystem to enlarge the network and enrich the service offerings.  This will provide tremendous value both in terms of usefulness as well as an increase in monetary assets on the NKN platform. NKN will become the #1 platform for everything to do with communications. Connecting all the people and things in the world by NKN, my friends, is a super hot future!

Experience NKN 2.0 today!