– NKN full nodes reaching up to 30,000+ all around the world
– Convenient home mining: nknX “fast deploy” on Raspberry Pi
– nConnect offers high performance at scale
– Revisit Web3.0: Power of Offchain available on YouTube
– Development started on new NKN SDK for C/C++

NKN Bi-weekly Report 8/16-31, 2020
– Building nNAT: NKN’s innovation in remote access to files and apps
– Our new roadmap beyond 2020: a bigger vision
– New updates to NKN official website
– 370Mbps high speed in latest TUNA testing
– “Surge” file sharing app: starts closed Alpha testing

– NKN continues to explore support for new crypto exchanges
– nMobile1.0 is on regular update based on customer feedback
– NKN video AMA with core team: highlights and video replay
– NKN commercial now available on Google Cloud Marketplace
– Coming soon! Surge, the most secure file sharing app built on NKN, by the Rule110 community developer team