Today we released a new version of the nMobile app (v0.9.9) for Android. In addition, you can now download it directly from the official Google Play Store as well as directly from the NKN website.

Google Play Store

NKN website direct download (APK)

Please submit your bug reports, feature request, and general feedbacks here:

nMobile pre-beta community testing and simple guide

Release notes (since 0.9.4-beta):

Private group:

  • Update private group logic according to NKP-0016
  • Private group: add “delete” message function
  • Private group: add “mute member” function
  • Private group: update message type
  • Private group: added “blacklist” function
  • Private group: added admin action to allow new members to join

Performance enhancements:

  • Database optimization to improve performance when there are many chat threads
  • Optimize query speed for the list of all chat threads

Usability enhancements:

  • Added “back” function to left and right swipes
  • Added batch deleting of chat threats
  • Unified logos in UI
  • Added notification for joining channels
  • Batch deleting: added “Cancel” option and English/Chinese language switching

Bug fixes

  • Bug fix: blank page in message details
  • Updated default language handling


  • Update Android SDK to version 28, in preparation for Google Play Store