Today, we’re thrilled to launch experimental mining rewards! The main purpose of this campaign is to encourage community members to help test our NKN public testnet in preparation for our mainnet launch, share their network connectivity, and start to build out the NKN Infrastructure.

Each community member can now participate and earn NKN test tokens by doing one simple thing: run NKN node software and join NKN network! The test tokens can be converted into real NKN tokens at a certain ratio once the mainnet go on live next year. We even created a simple one-click miner software with graphic user interface.

A few notes before we dive into the details:

  • You do NOT need to own any NKN token (real or test tokens) to do mining! We have a useful proof of work: if you share your Internet connectivity and bandwidth, you can mine.
  • Testnet is inherently experimental and not stable. So there is always the probability of miners losing all or part of their test tokens due to either chain fork, software upgrade, and system reset. The project team will try their best to prevent this from happening. But in the event it does happen we will work with the community to offer a fair solution.

How do I participate now?

  1. Submit your experimental mining application form listed below. NKN is a permissionless public blockchain so anyone can mine, but we will only distribute testnet mining reward to those who register. So please do it now!
  2. Prepare a Linux or MacOS machine with public IP address or port forward set up (see Note 1 below). Window users need to follow the Github instructions and use the command line version, see Note 2.
  3. Download the one-click NKN miner software file from the NKN official website (only Mac and Linux version are available now):
  4. Decompress and execute NKN Nodeshell application
  5. Open a web browser from any Internet connected device, enter address http://[change to your server ip]:8181/web. Follow the guidance, then the user can start the mining node software, as well as check the balance of mined test tokens in the wallet.

ChrisT’s Guidance on setting up Raspberry Pi , Guidance on setting up NKM with Digital Ocean

Lukas’sPlug and Play NKM, New Kind of Miner

New Kind of SF’s “New Kind of Wallet” webapp

Reward programs

I Bug bounty and code contribution program:

Our bonus program for finding bugs and contributing code to the testnet is re-open again. You will have the chance to win 5,000~100,000 points (100 points equals 1 NKN). Please follow our bonus program II here:

II Mining reward program:

Program Start date: To Be Determined but no later than October 30th, 2018

General Rules:

  • In case any spamming or manipulation in the form of fake account details, etc. is found, NKN Team will disqualify the participant, who will not be eligible for any rewards in the future. All rights are reserved by NKN Team to revise the rules and regulations at any given time.
  • We will distribute the reward to those who submitted the application form. Please make sure you submit your application form Now!
  • Your reward can be redeemed after mainnet goes live: estimated June, 2019.