• Taxa partnership adds trusted compute (TEE)
  • Ankr partnership for decentralized web3.0
  • D-Chat Chrome and FireFox extensions available
  • Mining Reward Fairness
  • New Kind of Proposal (NKP) Updates
  • New Multi-Client SDK
  • Testnet Future Plans
  • NKN-IoTeX IoTalk winners announced
  • Community: nknX “Fast Deploy” on Raspberry Pi 3

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Stats July 29th, 2019:

🌐 49 countries

🏭 295 ISPs or cloud providers

💻 24,449 full consensus nodes

📀 1 minor revisions to fix bugs

NKN mainnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn, nnet, nkn-wallet-js, nkn-client-js, nkn-sdk-go, nkn-crawler, web-ui, and nkn-cloud-image repositories and different branches.

  • Pull Request: 15
  • Commits: 41

The latest stable release for mainnet is v1.0.4-beta.

(https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases )

NKN Mainnet v1.04beta

  • Increase measured RTT if ping msg timeout: This will avoid packets being routed to recently timeout neighbor
  • Update lastRxTime only when receiving ping message: This may fix the case when remote node has extremely slow upstream bandwidth and all message timeout, but it still stays in other nodes’ neighbors.
  • ToRemoteNodeList only returns remote nodes that are not stopped

Taxa partnership adds trusted compute

On July 29th, NKN announced a new partnership with Taxa, which brings together NKN’s decentralized network and Taxa’s trusted compute (TEE) to enable a new breed of high-performance, trustless applications and services. NKN, together with Taxa, will also be collaborating to attract developers to build new innovative Web 3.0 applications. The initial focus will be game streaming and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which will be among the first applications that can take advantage of our combined resources and scale.

NKN and Taxa fuse decentralized network with trusted compute


Ankr partnership for decentralized web 3.0

NKN is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ankr, a distributed compute platform that uses idle computing resources in data centers and edge devices. NKN and Ankr will combine our crowdsourced computing and networking resources to build the infrastructure for decentralized web3.0. The collaboration will also help carriers get the most out of newly deployed edge computing hardware. Together, we can ensure that everyone has access to secure, private, low cost, and rich Internet experience of the future.

NKN and Ankr Partner to Build Web 3.0


D-Chat Chrome and Firefox extensions available

Thanks again to community member Lynn for his continued improvements on his D-Chat messaging application. More than 70+ commits since July 1st!

D-chat is a decentralized chatroom based on NKN pub/sub and messaging services. Supporting e2e encryption, persistent message history, and system notification without the use of a central server.

Chrome and Firefox Extensions:



Mining Reward Fairness

On July 26th, we addressed concerns by the community regarding the distribution of mainnet mining rewards.

While NKN software and code is exactly the same and fair to all nodes, we cannot guarantee that all nodes will earn equal amount of mining rewards. Two factors that can affect your reward rate are processing power and network conditions. Because NKN uses a routing algorithm that is both random and favors low latency, determined by handshake response time. It is the diversity in node hardware and network connection decides the difference in mining outcome.

Read more on “Why my nodes get so little mining reward, even averaged over long time?”


New Kind of Proposal (NKP) Updates

NKN community has introduced 5 new NKP’s. These new NKPs include enhancement to our name registration service, Pub/Sub messaging, and transport layer.

[NKP-0007] Include subscribers in txn pool in getsubscribers RPC response


[NKP-0008] Name registration price


[NKP-0009] NKN Transport layer


[NKP-0010] NVPN — Virtual private network functionality in the NKN core


[NKP-0011] Extend subscription and unsubscribe


New Multi-Client SDK

NKN recently launched a new Multi-Client javascript SDK. This new SDK is capable of creating multiple client instances that can send/receive data concurrently for improved reliability and lower latency at the cost of bandwidth. More information on Multi-Client and its usage is available on our Github



Testnet Future Plans

Now that NKN Mainnet has been launched, v0.8 testnet will be retired. The following timelines will apply:

  • V0.8.x testnet will close on August 15th 04:00 UTC time.
  • tNKN to NKN token swap tool will also close FOREVER on August 15th 04:00 UTC time. So hurry up! https://swap4testnet.nkn.org
  • There is zero mining reward on v0.8.x testnet from now on until its closure.

Future plans for NKN Testnet


NKN & IoTex — IoTalks Winners Announced

In connection with the recent IoTalks interview with NKN’s Bruce Li and Allen Dixon, We held a special campaign for the IoTeX & NKN communities to share their best blockchain + IoT + connectivity use cases. From the entries, three winning were chosen along with 2 honorable mentions. Please help us congratulate the campaign winners!

IoTeX & NKN — IoTalks Campaign Winning Submissions!


Community contributions

nknX “Fast Deploy” on Raspberry Pi 3

Community created node and wallet management tool, nknX, will soon have a new “Fast Deploy” feature. This feature creates a customized script for your Intel or ARM CPU based machine that will quickly and easily install and configure an NKN node in minutes. Bruce successfully tested this feature using a Raspberry Pi 3 in 4 minutes 17 seconds. A newly revamped nknX that includes this “Fast Deploy” feature will be launching in early August.

nknX “Fast Deploy” on Raspberry Pi 3: a successful test drive:


About NKN

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connection and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN’s open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.

Home: https://nkn.org/

Email: contact@nkn.org

Telegram: https://t.me/nknorg

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Forum: https://forum.nkn.org

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