• New listing on Bittrex International Exchange
  • New listing on UPbit Exchange
  • Co-founded and launched Web3Infra Alliance
  • NKN speaks at GSVLabs event “Tokens and Beyond”
  • Smart Cities Video Released

R&D highlights

Github source code development progress

NKN testnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn, nkn-mining, nkn-cloud-image, nkn-crawler, nkn-utility, and nkn-sdk-go repositories and different branches.

The latest stable release: v0.7.4 was released on February 11th, 2019.

(https://github.com/nknorg/nkn/releases )

NKN Testnet v0.7.4-alpha

  • Add metadata info in subscriber
  • Improve consensus convergence and security
  • Add latency in API
  • A few bug fix

NKN Mining — v0.2.0

  • simplified configuration process, now only one wallet password is needed
  • only remote user need the serial number
  • add relay count to the webpage
  • other small display bug fix

NKN listed on Bittrex International Exchange

NKN was officially listed on the Bittrex International exchange following the announcement on February 7th. The trading pair of NKN/BTC is currently active for its users. Bittrex International is a European-based secure, reliable & advanced digital asset trading platform for non-U.S. customers. We applaud Bittrex International in recognizing and supporting innovative companies like NKN in the blockchain space, to build and to grow for mass adoption.



NKN/BTC trading link:


NKN Listed on UPbit Exchange

On February 13th, leading Korean exchange Upbit announced the listing of NKN. Currently the trading pair of NKN/BTC is active. We thank UPbit for supporting innovative blockchain project like NKN to transform the $1.4 Trillion telecommunication business and drive web 3.0 adoption.



NKN/BTC trading link:


NKN co-founded and launched Web3Infra Alliance

NKN together with founding members, Bluzelle, Noia Network, and Portal Network launched the Web3Infra Alliance on February 11th. Its mission is to to unify the decentralized ecosystem by integrating different Web 3.0 components to create an open and unified environment.

web3infra technology stack

To achieve this ambitious goal, Web3Infra intends to build upon the KAIZEN platform with native integration of the four founding projects’ SDKs. KAIZEN empowers users to learn, deploy, run, and manage decentralized applications utilizing multiple languages and frameworks.

This alliance is open and we welcome other projects to join and participate in helping us create the best ecosystem for decentralized applications.


NKN speaks at GSVLabs event “Tokens and Beyond” in Silicon Valley

NKN’s own Bruce Li, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of NKN, participated in a GSVlabs panel discussion entitled, “Blockchain Applications of the Future”. Topics include blockchain application use cases, adoption, and more. Check out the video here:


Future NKN listing on upcoming Beaxy exchange

It was announced on February 7th, that NKN will be listed on the upcoming exchange Beaxy when it launches Q1, 2019. Beaxy is an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange containing the tools and resources to support traders with any level of experience. NKN is excited to be part of the Beaxy exchange and community.


NKN Smart Cities Video Released

NKN Smart Cities video published on January 31st, highlights how NKN can be the secure and reliable network for IoT data. With NKN’s network protocol software and signature chain integrated within IoT and network devices, Smart Cities can securely track and validate the transmission of their IoT data.

In addition, NKN’s unique architecture uses random NKN addresses making it difficult for attacks on any one particular node as well as dynamic routing which distributes data across multiple paths making it difficult for attackers to collect all data. The network also offers embedded security protection using a signature chain, a collection of signatures based on public and private keys of every node in the relay path used to track and verify the transmission of IoT data, Finally, NKN has the ability to deploy smart contracts giving City managers the ability to authorize access to IoT devices in order manage devices and data.

Smart Cities and NKN, The secure and reliable network for your IoT data


Community contributions

Japanese translation of Mining FAQ by Katakoto


German translation of Meerkat v0.7 release note by Uli


Upcoming events

Tech Talk: “Towards horizontal scalable block propagation and BFT-like consensus”

Speaker: Yilun Zhang(Co-Founder & CTO of NKN)

Host: ABC Community https://www.abcer.world/

Date and time: Thursday, February 21, 2019, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Venue: 379 San Antonio Rd · Palo Alto, CA

Register for event:


About NKN

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connection and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN’s open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.

Home: https://nkn.org/

Email: contact@nkn.org

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