Hello NKNers!

It’s been a busy time for NKN over the last 2 weeks! We reached our key milestone by launching our Testnet with over 1,000 nodes deployed! Yes we did it! We also got tons of interest for our experimental mining, participated in our first-ever China-based hackathon, published important and informational articles, and many more. Read on for a full update on everything NKN!

Milestone unlocked — Lemur Release:

  • We couldn’t be happier and more thrilled to officially launch the NKN Testnet v0.3! This on-schedule release is another technical development key milestone achieved by the NKN team. In this release, both functionality and performance of NKN’s system have been substantially strengthened.
  • Key highlights are:

Globally deployed over 1,000 nodes

Enhanced #DDTN, #PoR, #MOCAconsensus and #miningmechanism

Released the Alpha version of our client SDK and wallet, which helps more developers build dApps using NKN’s network .

  • With this Lemur release, we believe that we opened up the door for community members to run their own full nodes, join the NKN testnet, and start experimental mining.
  • The release of the Lemur also recognizes the amazing effort and dedication that the NKN development team has put into this project. We look forward to entering into the next development phase- the Testnet v0.5 Koala.
  • One step closer to adoption by the masses!
  • You can learn more about the details here.

Amazing community support for the experimental mining- #NKNPower:

  • We’re so happy to see an overwhelming interest in NKN experimental mining.
  • Even though we haven’t officially started NKN experimental mining, our community has started contributing.
  • Three of the most impressive releases last week from our community are:

ChrisT’s Raspberry Pi miner

Lukas’s One Click Plug’n’Play miner

New kind of SF’s NKN web wallet

  • If you haven’t, feel free to share with us your works. We’d love to hear from you!
  • We couldn’t be happier for your continued love and support for the project. The power of our NKN community is unbelievable!

Bitrun Hackathon in Hangzhou

  • Last week, NKN participated in a first-ever China-based Hackathon in Hangzhou.
  • There was a great demand of teams adopting NKN SDK to develop their dApps.
  • One of the most distinguished teams is the “Royal Institute of Technology,” which consisted of students from Fudan University and Shanghai University of Technology.
  • The team built an NKN Segment Transmission Protocol aiming to maximize data transmission efficiency and reduce packet loss, which made an improvement in terms of data transmission speed, network security and privacy.
  • We can’t wait to support more developers to build innovative dApps on NKN!
  • Check out for more details and pictures here!

Important articles that we published:

  • If you missed it, be sure to check out the great articles that our team produced:

NKN Javascript Open-source Wallet by Dr. Yilun Yang- NKN Cofounder and CTO

NKN In A Nutshell by Allen Dixon- NKN VP of Business Development

The Origin of NKN Scalable MOCA Consensus Based on Cellular Automata by Justin Wang- NKN Head of Technical Marketing

The last two weeks were certainly a busy period for NKN with new major developments and activity. There are also many exciting events on the horizon for NKN including the launch of our Experimental Mining Rewards Program, the upcoming revamp of the NKN website and 1-pager release, etc. You can stay up to date on all things NKN by following us on social media and joining the conversation!


NKN team

P.S. If you’re in Singapore the week of September 17, come join NKN’s Cofounder and Co-CEO- Bruce Li at Consensus for more NKN and blockchain conversations.