The first Bitrun Hackathon has been held from 31st August to 2nd September in Hangzhou, China, hosted by Bitrun Blockchain Community. This three-day-hackathon attracted lots of domestic talents to join, including students mostly from top universities in China such as Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Fudan University, and Zhejiang University. They were competing for fame and prizes in 48 hours, focusing on building and developing dApps based on 3 platforms: NERVOS, VNTChain and NKN.

Hackers from Bitrun Hackathon

NKN was invited to be one of the three development platforms and sponsors. Huaiyu Wang, the Senior Front-End Engineer of NKN, gave an introduction and guidance to Hackers, demonstrating how to build an application on NKN.

NKN along with NERVOS and VNTChain are platform sponsors

Senior Front-End Engineer Huaiyu Wang introduced NKN to hackers

It was the first time NKN participated in Hackathon in China, attracting Chinese hackers’ attention to NKN and its SDKs. Three teams adopted NKN SDK to develop their dApps and there is one distinguished team called ”Royal Institute of Technology ”(team name), consisted of students from Fudan University and Shanghai University of Technology, in charge of UI/UX design, frontend, back-end and product orientation respectively. They built an NKN Segment Transmission Protocol aiming to maximize data transmission efficiency and reduce packet loss, which made an improvement in terms of data transmission speed, network security and privacy. Here is a process overview as following.

Process overview provided by hackers, the author reserves all right about picture

Within Chinese hacker community, This competition raises awareness of NKN Project, our latest thousand node testnet, as well as our improved client and wallet SDK.NKN looks forwards to supporting more developers to build innovative dApps based on NKN.