As part of Wolfram Physics Project, NKN advisor Dr. Stephen Wolfram touched upon NKN as an example of distributed computing and using Cellular Automata for consensus algorithm. Let’s use our computing power to support @wolframphysics Watch the NKN bits at 0h27m17s and also 1h17m35s mark:Wolfram Physics Project: Working Session Wednesday, Apr. 22, 2020 [Distributed… About Wolfram Physics Project Physicist and […]

Highlights An NKN Odyssey: A Billion Nodes with Dr. Zhang Community shows 6x improvement when using nCDN New Kind of Proposal #16, 17, 19 to enhance d-chat Happy Thanksgiving from NKN NKNxVanity: Create Custom NKN Wallet Addresses 1 Update Upcoming Video AMA with core team Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats December 30th, […]