NKN November 2020 Report
– getting ready for the new website launch
– partners with Google and Searce for hybrid SaaS solution
– 1-click full node deployment updated on AWS and Digital Ocean
– nMobile updated to 1.0.3 on iOS and 1.0.2 for Android
nConnect running final test before releasing on Synology NAS market
– Upcoming: Video AMA with founding team in December 2020

DigitalOcean Community Blog “How To Use nsh to Run Secure Remote Commands On Ubuntu 18.04”, by NKN’s CTO Yilun, an in-depth tutorial just got published on @digitalocean developer blog site with a potential reach of over 500,000 developers and customers. Read the tutorial here:https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-nsh-to-run-secure-remote-commands-on-ubuntu-18-04