Highlights December AMA video replay & summary Evangelizing NKN @ Plug and Play Commercial deployment with NAS manufacturer started Partnering with China Mobile NKN supports Twitter’s bluesky initiative Happy Holidays! Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats December 30th, 2019: 🌐 43 countries & regions 🏭 236 ISPs or cloud providers 💻 19374 full consensus […]

We released a new version v1.1.2-beta. This is a major release that introduced various features. Particularly, every miner should read this: Two more ports 30004 and 30005 need to be open in order to accept https/wss clients and receive more mining rewards! The certs directory should be shipped together with nknd! It’s included in the […]

Question #1 My question is already in an NKP too ([NKP-0003] Providing https/wss endpoint for EVERY NKN node), but I’m curious to know the official stance on this and what to expect. I personally love to experiment with NKN in a commercial environment (nothing big) but I can’t even begin making a suggestion if HTTPS […]

Highlights An NKN Odyssey: A Billion Nodes with Dr. Zhang Community shows 6x improvement when using nCDN New Kind of Proposal #16, 17, 19 to enhance d-chat Happy Thanksgiving from NKN NKNxVanity: Create Custom NKN Wallet Addresses nStatus.org 1 Update Upcoming Video AMA with core team Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats December 30th, […]

Highlights nCDN New Kind of Content Delivery product Launched Two-way NKN Mainnet token swap schedule announced Decentralized FTP article published on Hackernoon nStatus: A simple NKN node checker Compiled list of all NKP proposals Japanese translation: nCDN launch, token swap schedule Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats November 19th, 2019: 🌐 46 countries & […]

Highlights Introducing D-Chat: A server-less, secure and private chat for individuals and groups 1-click images on Google, Amazon and DigitalOcean updated to mainnet v1.1.1 500,000 NKN Special community award for nknx Blockchain Tech Talk at Tsinghua University New AMAs with Binance Malaysia and Thailand Communities Binance AMA Highlights Published NKN Inspired Graphics New NKNxVault community […]

October 23rd, 2019, Beijing China. NKN founder & CEO Yanbo Li, co-founder and CTO Yilun Zhang, gave two technical talks on “High-performane Scalable Blockchain and Its Applications in Network” at prestigious Tsinghua University, in collaboration with two university blockchain clubs (BATS and TIBA). We had a good participation from students and university staff, as well […]