• NEP-5 to ERC-20 swap tool will be open May’25 — June’15, 2019. After which, it will be closed forever. We strongly encourage you to swap as early as possible, since this is the last window.
  • Testnet (tNKN) to ERC-20 swap tool will be open starting Monday June’17, 2019.
  • ERC-20 to mainnet swap tool (two-way) will be open June’30, 2019, and remain open for 3 months until September 30, 2019. We may extend the swap period as needed
  • Exchanges will support automatic ERC-20 to mainnet swap, subject to their own schedule. The exchanges will provide their own announcements when they are ready.


  1. How can I find out which token I have?
  • Token format depends upon the type of wallet or exchange and wallet address format.
  • All exchanges who trade NKN use ERC-20 tokens today
  • You have NEP-5 token if you hold tokens in NEO/NEP-5 wallet, and the wallet address starts with letter “A” like this “AeazBYxUcHxxcsoqDB546pqi4HunkxCvkC”
  • You have ERC-20 token if you hold your tokens in an ETH wallet or exchanges, and the wallet address starts with “0x” like this “0x68cb76dea7d391c5e5bb51ebbcd30001b0d9fe12”
  • You have tNKN (also known as testnet) tokens if you mine and hold your token in a NKN testnet wallet, and the wallet address starts with letter “N” like this “NQBPH4TxeD7WFkFienrrWrpVaDdV7bD5KY”

2. Which wallet should I use for mainnet NKN token?

  • We will offer an official web, desktop, and mobile wallet for NKN mainnet. Stay tuned for more info on 6
  • Partner wallets will announce their mainnet NKN token support once integration work is completed with NKN.

3. Why do I need to swap from ERC-20 to mainnet or vice versa?

  • Swap is not required, but may be needed depending on the exchange or service you would like to use.
  • If you want to pay for networking services (e.g. nCDN, Pub/Sub) on NKN mainnet, then you need NKN mainnet tokens.
  • You received mainnet NKN token either through mining or payment by running micro services such as nCDN, and you would like to trade ERC-20 tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.
  • Or in the future, your preferred exchange has migrated from ERC-20 to NKN mainnet tokens. In this case, the exchange will handle the swap automatically, thus no action is required from you.