In order to thank all of your continuous support to NKN project, we hereby announce a more robust points reward system to recognize and reward your contribution. You can now earn NKN points for inviting friends to join our social media groups, writing and spreading your articles about NKN, subscribing to NKN Youtube channel, submitting your proposals to NKN, and etc. A NKN Robot for Telegram group will be launched to the community tomorrow.

The Bot is still under continuous improvements, and one of its first functions is to identify the new friends who you have invited.

First campaign period: 7/13 8:00 a.m. US Pacific (7/13 11:00 p.m. Beijing time; 7/13 5:00 p.m. Paris time) to 7/15 7:59 a.m. US Pacific (7/15 10:59 p.m. Beijing time; 7/15 4:59 p.m. Paris time), total 48 hours!

Maximum invitation for each Telegram ID: 30


To NKN new friends:

Join our Telegram group and earn 100 points (100: 1 point to NKN ratio) for FREE!

EN Group:

CN Group:

Step 1: To search @NKNrobot in the Telegram and click “start”

Step 2: To click “Join NKN” to join NKN EN Telegram group and get your reward.

To NKN old friends:

Invite your friends to join the Telegram group and earn 100 points for each friend!

Step 1: To search @NKNrobot in the Telegram and click “start”. Once the robot user interface appears, click “refer a friend”, get your unique referral code link.

Step 2: Forward the message with your referral code link to your friends.

Step 3: Once your friends join our Telegram group through your referral code link and click”Join NKN” you will automatically receive a bonus of 100 points for each friend on your account. (Repeat step 1)

Step 4: Click“ My account” and reply your NEO address to @NKNrobot directly. System will record your account for redeeming token later.

Concerns About Fake Members/Bots:

Some members have raised concerns that this could cause an influx of fake members/bots to the channel. This will be tackled in the following ways:

  1. The referral code and NEO address has to be entered into the NKN robot. If people spam the channel with bots in order to gain rewards, these bots will not be able to communicate with the NKN bot and hence will receive no reward.
  2. All new invites/members need to be active in the channel within the first 48 hours. Any new members who are not active in this time period will be removed from the channel and no rewards will be given.
  3. As detailed in the general rules below, any attempts at spamming the channel with bots will result in the participant being disqualified and they will not be eligible for any rewards now or in the future.

General Rules:

— In case any spamming or manipulation in the form of fake account details, etc. is found, NKN Community Management Team will disqualify the participant, who will not be eligible for any rewards in the future. All rights are reserved by NKN Team to revise the rules and regulations at any given time.

— The rewards will be distributed to the participants and participants can check their points by clicking @NKNrobot /my account.

— You will be able to redeem the points (100:1 points to NKN ratio) at any time. Minimum redeem threshold: 3,000 points.

— Anyone can participate in this program.

— In the next few weeks, we will gradually add more functions to the NKNrobot and points reward system, such as points for retweet or like our tweets, translation of NKN material to other languages, favor our youtube videos etc. We will also implement the reward system for forking and staring NKN repository in our github next week. Please pay attention to our announcement in NKN news channel.

Thanks for your support!

Why join NKN?

NKN is the new kind of network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by blockchain for an open, decentralized, and shared Internet. We motivate users to share network connections, service providers to utilize unused bandwidth, and developers access to global peer to peer networking stack.

NKN’s goal is to revamp the $1.4 trillion communication business, where we face many challenges today such as inefficient resource utilization, lack of net neutrality, and centralized network control. By blockchainizing the network layer, NKN is providing the missing third pillar of internet infrastructure just as Ethereum has done for compute and ipfs for storage. Our core technical innovations are dynamic routing, Proof of Relay, highly scalable consensus, and token reward mechanism.

NKN is founded by Yanbo Li, former co-founder of Onchain and advised by Dr. Whitfield Diffie, the father of modern public key cryptography and 2015 Turing Award winner. NKN core team members come from Ex-Google, Qualcomm, Nokia, Amazon, and Baidu.