5G is emerging in the telecommunication infrastructure. Its emergence will gradually develop many technical ideas that were previously impossible to realize, including the impact of blockchain on the real economy. As a public blockchain based on decentralized communication, NKN can influence and promote communication development in the 5G era from many aspects. With integration with 5G and NKN, it can unleash the full capabilities of cutting edge technology trends and give a boost to autonomous cars/drones, virtual/ augmented realities (VR/AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Reduce operating costs

NKN can lower network operating costs in several ways. In addition to the price reduction expected through efficiency gains, operators can use the technology to reduce cost by relying less on third parties to complete a transaction. NKN can help to eliminate the intermediary during a data or network resource exchange. For example, in telecom infrastructure, distributed network functions virtualization (D-NFV) and distributed software defined networking (D-SDN) concepts were provided to disrupt traditional business operations which enhanced system efficiency and reduced equipment costs. We can see decentralization in both is a trend, which bring about great opportunity for NKN to engage in future product by cooperating with NKN partners in both TIP and ONF.

Strengthen massive data security and privacy

NKN also promotes a decentralized approach to 5G that complements the open source philosophy. The decentralization of telecom data transmission can help to achieve better security and protect the privacy of users. With the advent of 5G, the traffic and data is facing exponential growth in the industry, but still suffers from communication vulnerabilities. For example, traditional internet communication approaches are mostly inapplicable to the IoT, mainly due to its decentralized topology and the resource constraints of most of its devices. To accommodate device democracy in IoT domain, NKN has exhibited its strength on providing security and privacy in peer-to-peer networks with topologies similar to the IoT, which is a perfect match. Compared to existing blockchains that are computationally intensive and require a lot of bandwidth and delays, which are not suitable for massive IoT devices, NKN is a new, secure, scalable, and lightweight pubic blockchain platform architecture for IoT that eliminates the overhead of blockchain while providing the greatest benefits to IoT. For example, through the 5G Internet of Things, data from everyday life have become indispensable. A large amount of IoT data is essential for understanding people’s lifestyles and preferences. Without advanced data encryption and strict authorization, the data protection and security potential is enormous. Consumers are reluctant to trust the privacy obligations of service providers, device manufacturers, and other third party vendors. Therefore, consumers explicitly request that the generated data be the owner’s control, which provides an opportunity for the NKN in the 5G era.

Leverage the potential of connectivity

5G technology promises to change our lives by connecting everything around us to a network that’s 100 times faster than our mobile network and 10 times faster than our fastest home broadband service. With NKN, a high speed device connection for arbitrary areas can be offered. As 5G expends business into Internet of Things (IoT) domain, NKN’s distributed control can improve the security of Internet-connected devices. Verification and validation can serve as an option that is integrated with NKN and can allow operators to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to their network.

Under 5G deployment, mobile broadband applications are greatly enhanced. They produce heavy traffic and impose strict latency requirements on service providers. While NKN can enable sharing connectivity resources across multiple service providers provides a way to maximize the use of limited resources at the edge of the network, but without a centralized repository that is shared by all parties to share service provider status. This is how the 5G and blockchains are integrated to create more value in the real economy. For example, one can use a VR headset and special glove to control a machine that would perform an actual operation in another location. This is unlike the movie “Ready Player One” which use VR to control virtual body in a virtual space, but make influence to our real world. However, it is not easy to synchronously control machines in long distance, low latency enabled by 5G is a must.

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