Part I of “How to Protect Your Smart Home in 2020” Mini-Series: Let’s take a closer look at these devices and networks and provide some recommendations on what you can do today to help protect your smart home.

Highlights: You value both function (Direct, group, multimedia) and usability (reaction, typing indicator, read receipt, multi-platform) Voice is still king, followed by video chat and conference calls Security and privacy is very high on your minds Most use Telegram, second by WhatsApp You believe Telegram is most secure, followed by Signal Introduction Messaging applications have […]

DigitalOcean Community Blog “How To Use nsh to Run Secure Remote Commands On Ubuntu 18.04”, by NKN’s CTO Yilun, an in-depth tutorial just got published on @digitalocean developer blog site with a potential reach of over 500,000 developers and customers. Read the tutorial here: