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  • nMobile Launch
  • February AMA with Core Team

Mainnet technical development updates

Latest Mainnet Stats March 2, 2020:

  • 🌐 42 countries & regions
  • 🏭 214 ISPs or cloud providers
  • 💻 22,843 full consensus nodes

NKN mainnet code development progress over the last two weeks is mainly reflected in nkn, nMobile, nkn-tunnel, nkn-tuna-session, nkn-sdk-js, tuna, documentations, nkn-sdk-go, and ncp-js public repositories and different branches, as well as nMobile app and ncdn related private repositories.

  • Pull Request: 9
  • Commits: 65

The latest stable release for mainnet is v1.1.3-beta

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Mainnet v1.1.3-beta Release

On January 8th, NKN released Mainnet v1.1.3-beta, which officially enables support for https/wss. This new release includes:

  • TLS certs content has been updated. Please make sure to update certs!
  • TLS certs name has been changed for window compatibility.
  • Just in case you missed the previous upgrade info: please make sure port 30004/30005 are also open, otherwise TLS clients will not be able to connect to you.

For additional details, please check out our release notes.

nMobile Launch

On February 28th, NKN launched nMobile on the Google Play store. nMobile is NKN’s all-in-one secure chat and wallet application that ensures that your personal data never leaves your device. The application uses NKN services such as our dataRide secure messaging as well as our global blockchain network for NKN Token payments.

nMobile includes the following mobile features:

Mobile Crypto Wallet

  • Manage NKN token balance and payments on the go (mainnet and ERC-20)
  • Swap between Mainnet and ERC-20 NKN tokens (in future)

Secure and Private Chat

  • Direct, end-to-end encrypted messaging. No message is stored in the cloud.
  • Chat between nMobile and D-Chat users. D-Chat plugin is available on Chrome and FireFox browsers.

Secure Remote Access (Coming Soon)

  • Manage remote devices such as IoT, Security Cameras, or remote servers using secure messaging, tunnel and nShell.
  • Secure and direct transfer of large files

nMobile Download

February AMA with Core Team

On February 20th, NKN hosted a live video AMA with the Core Team to answer community questions and provide updates on the new dataRide product launch. If you missed it, check out the recorded video on our YouTube Channel, or read the Q&A Highlights on the NKN Forum.

Here are a few sample questions from the Q&A:

Question #1:

Do you have any plans to hire more developers to code more dAPPs? If you don’t plan on hiring more developers then why not?

In the long term, what works best is to build the open source community that can both contribute and help others build dApps on top of NKN. However, in the short term, we will build our own dApps to kickstart the ecosystem and to show the value of our platform. We hope this will attract more developers and users to NKN and further encourage the growth of the ecosystem.

Question #8:

How is Yanbo doing? We hear from much of the team but it seems as if he likes being behind the scenes.

Yanbo enjoys working behind the scenes. Most of his time is working on product management as well as interacting with NKN Chinese community on Telegram and WeChat. He also works closely with the R&D team to build and deliver NKN’s software infrastructure and products.

Question #9:

Will Wolfram computational engine use NKN?

We work with the Wolfram blockchain research lab regularly with bi-weekly calls to check on new opportunities. One of the areas we are looking at is helping Wolfram research and its community of projects to improve the communications stack in the distributed computing space.

Question #18:

Can you tell us what’s happening with improved tokenomics of NKN? Haven’t heard about it in quite a while.

Earlier in December, we had discussed the possibility of using a staking mechanism with NKN. We evaluated staking models from different projects, however, while it might make sense for NKN in the future, the immediate need is to encourage more adoption of the NKN token as well as market traction with our products. Once we can attract revenue and pay out to miners via token, we will have good token dynamics which will help token holders, miners, and developers alike. That type of adoption will help us with mainstream media and market as well.

Another reason to use staking is to improve security. However, we are in the middle of a security audit and so far our current security has been adequate. We have also added additional security for our naming services as well as when generating network IDs that help reduce spamming attacks.

We also have the NKP (New Kind of Proposal) process, where the community can propose improvements. We encourage anyone with a good idea on how to improve our token economics to write a proposal using NKP via our forum so that we can get feedback from the community and find a way to address it.

You can read more on a forum post, NKN AMA Q&A Highlights — February 2020

About NKN

NKN is the new kind of P2P network connectivity protocol & ecosystem powered by a novel public blockchain. We use economic incentives to motivate Internet users to share network connection and utilize unused bandwidth. NKN’s open, efficient, and robust networking infrastructure enables application developers to build the decentralized Internet so everyone can enjoy secure, low cost, and universally accessible connectivity.