We released a new version v1.1-beta. Version 1.1 is a major release that introduced web GUI dashboard, new crypto puzzle mechanism, new txn type, and a lot performance optimization. Feature highlights: Add a web-based GUI dashboard that can be used to show node status and change configurations. By default the dashboard can be accessed from […]

Captain Narwhal’s choices in transmitting data over NKN Captain Narwhal Planet Hopping Hyperdrive (image by Izmo) Imagine you are Captain Narwhal of the Millennium Falcon starship, and need to go from Earth to Endor. You have two choices: “Planet hopping”: go via moon to Mars, from Mars to Tatooin, through Hoth and Naboo, and then land […]

The key tenets of 5G 5G has garnered a lot of hype recently as many wireless carriers began their first deployments. In the United States, all major carriers including Verizon, AT&T, Tmobile/Sprint have early deployments in select markets. Carriers worldwide are adopting it as the next generation wireless global standard. Here at NKN, we are excited […]

In recent weeks, we have discussed about our roadmap beyond mainnet and the two flagship products (nCDN, PubSub) we are launching. Here is an overview of how everything fit in the NKN system architecture, and how can applications utilize NKN network. There are six layers in NKN’s system architecture, and if we start from bottom […]

by Yilun Zhang, CTO of NKN.org What is Pub/Sub One basic function of NKN client (e.g. https://github.com/nknorg/nkn-client-js) is to provide a decentralized message system, which includes unicast, multicast and anycast. That’s pretty much enough if the message sender knows who are the receivers. However, in lots of common scenarios, the receiver should be logically decoupled from […]

March 31st, 2019; San Mateo, California Today we are thrilled to announce the general release of NKN Mainnet V0.9 Beluga. With the entire networking and consensus subsystems fully verified after Meerkat, this release focuses on ledger and security enhancements. V0.9 Beluga is the last major release before our final Mainnet v1.0 Narwhal, scheduled for June […]

work in progress, revised on 2019–03–31 We are all eagerly anticipating NKN’s mainnet V1.0 release scheduled for June 2019, so here is a short summary of how we plan to transition from today’s testnet to mainnet for a smooth launch. And it has implications for all of you: token holders, miners, and community developers. So […]