Direct and secure messaging, files, streaming for human or machine The wraps are off, and today we are proud to announce (drum rolls…) dataRide! The name dataRide derives from two words: data and rideshare. When connectivity is shared and incentivized, data flows better. Much better. What is dataRide? dataRide is a decentralized PaaS (Platform as […]

DigitalOcean Community Blog “How To Use nsh to Run Secure Remote Commands On Ubuntu 18.04”, by NKN’s CTO Yilun, an in-depth tutorial just got published on @digitalocean developer blog site with a potential reach of over 500,000 developers and customers. Read the tutorial here:

Today we released a new version of the nMobile app (v0.9.9) for Android. In addition, you can now download it directly from the official Google Play Store as well as directly from the NKN website. Google Play Store NKN website direct download (APK) Please submit your bug reports, feature request, and general feedbacks here: nMobile […]

We released a new version v1.1.4-beta. This is a major release that will re-enable name service functions at block height 980,000, including name registration, extension, transfer and delete. Name registration now costs a fee (10 NKN) and is valid only for a year to avoid spamming attacks. Please update your node BRFORE block height 980,000 […]

Today we have launched both fiat (powered by Stripe) and NKN token payment for nCDN service, to fully enable Freemium business model. Free to try, low cost to deploy. Please visit our product self-service portal -> Billing for more details: Earlier this week, we also launched a brand new dedicated nCDN product page on […]

nMobile is a mobile app that combines the functionality of NKN wallet, D-Chat, latest NKN news, mining node monitoring, as well as IoT communication and control. Today we released v0.9.4-beta for wider beta testing. Download link and instructions here: Direct downlink: What’s new in v0.9.4-beta? – Fixed message duplication bug– Improved Message sorting based even when […]

We released a new mainnet software version v1.1.3-beta. Starting from this version, https/wss support will be officially enabled. Some important notes: TLS certs content has been updated. Please make sure to update certs! TLS certs name has been changed for window compatibility. Just in case you missed the previous upgrade info: please make sure port […]