Image by Tom Highlights New MainNet v1.1.3-beta Release nMobile the all-in-one NKN app released for community testing Chat Customer Support powered by nPubSub Upcoming NKN presentation at Insights Summit Chinese New Year holidays (Jan’24–20) Mainnet technical development updates Latest Mainnet Stats January 20, 2020: 🌐 44 countries & regions 🏭 214 ISPs or cloud providers 💻 […]

A server-less, secure and private chat for individuals and groups “NKN Splashing” by Tom Introduction D-Chat is one of the highlights of NKN consumer applications, developed by community developer Lynn. It utilizes and showcases a wide spectrum of NKN’s platform products and SDKs, including: Use NKN’s decentralized PubSub service to deliver group messages Use Multi-client SDK […]

Beijing, October 8th, 2019 Today, the NKN project team is thrilled to announce the signing of a commercial contract with NETNIC for NKN’s Content Delivery Service, nCDN. NETNIC provides application centric cloud solutions for enterprise customers and is the largest value added reseller for Baidu cloud and for Tencent Cloud in Northern China. nCDN, or […]

Captain Narwhal’s choices in transmitting data over NKN Captain Narwhal Planet Hopping Hyperdrive (image by Izmo) Imagine you are Captain Narwhal of the Millennium Falcon starship, and need to go from Earth to Endor. You have two choices: “Planet hopping”: go via moon to Mars, from Mars to Tatooin, through Hoth and Naboo, and then land […]

Highlights Taxa partnership adds trusted compute (TEE) Ankr partnership for decentralized web3.0 D-Chat Chrome and FireFox extensions available Mining Reward Fairness New Kind of Proposal (NKP) Updates New Multi-Client SDK Testnet Future Plans NKN-IoTeX IoTalk winners announced Community: nknX “Fast Deploy” on Raspberry Pi 3 Mainnet technical development updates Latest Stats July 29th, 2019: 🌐 […]

Highlights Promote Live Video AMA with NKN Core Team (English & Chinese) CTO Yilun Zhang Speaks at Huobi University Blockchain Empowering Summit NKN Overview and Deep Dive at Blockchain Applications and Smart Contracts Meetup German translations for NKN Launch Plans for Mainnet and Introduction to NKN Pub/Sub articles now available R&D highlights Github source […]