Since our NKN Mainnet launched on July 1st, 2019, we have continuously improved the security and scalability of our mainnet. In addition, we are building flagship products (e.g. nCDN) and innovative applications (e.g. D-Chat) on top of the NKN mainnet, which fully utilize NKN technology and token economy. Now it is time to start the […]

Read me first This is a two-way swap between mainnet and ERC-20. Please do a test swap with a small amount of NKN tokens before you swap a very large amount of tokens. All exchanges are currently supporting ERC-20 NKN token for trading purpose. The schedule for exchange support of NKN mainnet token will be announced […]

V0.1, September 2019 edition Welcome newcomers Mining can sound daunting for newcomers, especially when you hear about the expensive ASIC based Bitcoin mining machines or very high end cloud servers needed for other leading blockchain projects. Fear no more, NKN mining software requires inexpensive computers (home routers or network hard disks, old laptops, and $5 […]

Highlights Towards NKN 2.0: roadmap beyond mainnet “Planet Hopping” or “Galactic Express”: two modes of data transmission A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fees in NKN: NKN’s solutions to Spam and DDoS attacks nCDN update: 3 major pieces, hosted on nCDN, early results d-FTP file transfer tests: faster than WeChat and QQ New Kind of Proposal — NKP-0014, […]

an August 2019 update Introduction When we launched our mainnet Narwhal in July 2019, we outlined our high level plans beyond Mainnet. Now it is time for an update and put a little bit more details to the roadmap beyond Mainnet. There are two main tracks that happen in parallel and enhance each other: Mainnet […]